I decided that since I was half way there, I would head for Australia. It was quite the experience, one that I will never forget. Check out these pictures!

Second Stop Australia G'day Mates, I'm visiting the Land Down Under for now. I figured I was half way here, might as well keep going!
The Sydney Opera House I decided to take a helicopter tour of Sydney. Got a great shot of the Opera House.
Kangaroo Island Enjoyed hanging out on the beach. Man, you wouldn't believe the pristine water and all the aquatic wildlife! This place is unreal!
Red Bass at the Great Barrier Reef Saw these fish feeding, they came really close to the side of our boat.
This is my Buddy Lenny I met him on the helicopter tour in Sydney. We are both headed in the same direction in our travels. Lenny showed me the ropes of scuba diving.
**BEWARE of Stingers** Signs like this were on almost every beach. I was lucky and didn't run into any Jellies...
Dinner at Deans Dean is a friend of Lenny's. Lenny took me to meet him and he invited us for dinner...and what a great dinner it was! I got to experience the Aussie "Shrimp on the Barbie". I'm addicted!
Golden Orb Spider I found this spider in Dean's yard. Dean says it's big, but not dangerous!
The Rain Forest Dean took us on an amazing 5 mile hike in the rain forest. Something we would not have tried to do without the help of a local.
Koala in Eucalyptus Tree Found this little guy while we were on our hike.
Heading into the Outback This sign was along the side of the road! I'm not ENTIRELY sure what it all means! Anybody else know?
Kanga Where's Roo?
Found Roo! This big guy was enjoying his lunch by the side of the road. He didn't seem to be scared at all. I have been warned not to get too close!
The Outback This is what the Outback looks like, miles and miles of rocks and dirt. We were coated with red dust by the time we had been on the road for 15 minutes! Hey, look at the picture below and check our our ride!
Rob, Check this Out! This was one wild ride! Outback luxury!