I needed a little sun, sand, & surf.... 

Where better than Hawaii to start my adventure? 

First stop Hawaii Spent the first two weeks on the Hawaiian Islands. My family decided to join me for this part of my trip.
Meet Lance, I just did... I met him on the airplane, later found him passed out on the floor of the airport. (Yes, it's true!) He was a bit too excited about his trip and didn't make it as far as he wanted! Better luck tomorrow Lance...
Our Hotel - The Royal Hawaiian Mom and Dad sprung for "luxury accomodations". I better not get used to this!
My First Hawaiian Sunset Took an evening stroll on the beach, took this great picture of the sunset.
Life's a Beach! Spent much of my time on the beach and in the water. What a life!!!
Bruno I met Bruno at my first luau. He loves a good luau, and dresses for the occasion. He was the life of the party.
My Dad (Hawaiian Style) Need I say more? He enjoyed the Hawaiian Punch!
My Brother Rob What can I say...I think he was enjoying himself! Luau's are GREAT!
My Mom & Rob Mom hadn't quite found the "Aloha" spirit at this point. She found it about 2 days later....can't believe I missed the picture of her in her grass skirt!
Me & Dad We jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. It was Amazing! Can you believe that in all the years that my dad has been an instructor this is the first jump that he and I made together? What a Rush!
This is ME I can't believe it either! Hang loose (or is that hang ten?) Oh well, you get the idea!
Sea Turtle We had the pleasure of sharing the ocean with this amazing Sea Turtle. He is beautiful. I was told that he is approx. 150 years old.